Thursday, November 20, 2008

Multiplayer iPhone Games

Being a huge fan of online multiplayer games on the web, I try to check almost every new multiplayer game available on the iPhone, at least the free ones. In this post, I will bring my pure objective findings of this research.

Board Games: Backgammon, Chess etc…

Backgammon, chess, checkers and their alikes are my ultimate choice for a multiplayer game. I know people who use their iPhone or other devices to play chess solo, but in my opinion – and I'm taking as the head of my high school chess club! – chess is all about psychology, and as such, it requires an actual opponent, a live one. I like to play on Versus Chess - and I swear I'm not related to them or anything – it's priced at $4.99 and there's good competition. I read good words on Chess with Friends. For multiplayer backgammon, Backgammon Classic has really cool graphics and features, such as shaking the iPhone to roll the dice.

Sports Games

The variety of multiplayer sports games for iPhone is not huge at the moment, but I believe it will grow in time. I got to play pool (far from the real thing), air hockey (fun time killer), tennis (needs some improvement), and there's also golf, and of course all sorts of sports but on a single player mode, playing against time, for score and such.

Online Poker

Like chess I mentioned earlier, poker needs company, but what's the use of playing poker for virtual money? But Politics aside. Multiplayer Championship Poker deserves the respect for being the first multiplayer poker game on iPhone. Secondly, it is connected with the facebook app, guaranteeing large pool of players. It supports up to ten players and the poker game played is the classic version of "Texas hold'em". Not very free though - $5.99, something you can write on your Christmas gifts list…