Monday, January 19, 2009

Games Are Art?

I don't have answers only questions.

Art or what?

Are video games a form of art or are they a simple, inferior form of entertainment? Some say (probably gamers or game designer) that today's most advanced video games represent the highest form of art of the new millennium, combining more traditional forms of art painting, literature, music, etc. Others, film critic Roger Abert for example, state that video games' interactive nature rules them from being considered an appropriate form of art. But that would not stop games are arts advocates from reminding that similar arguments on whether cinema is art or entertainment used to be held hundreds of years ago, but now everyone agrees that movies, at their best, are high art form.

That's video games. But what about classic games? They don't have actors, scriptwriters, or soundtrack designers, yet don't you think that the inventor of let's say senet (the oldest board game in history from ancient Egypt, similar to backgammon) saw himself as an artist?

A Senet game from the tomb of Amenhotep III - the Brooklyn Museum

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i would agree that this person saw himself as an artist. senet is a wonderful game by the way. holds up extremely well over 3000 years